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Yoni Steaming

Vaginal steaming is an age-old natural remedy said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating (amongst many others).

Image by Ava Sol

Vaginal Steaming is said to have the following benefits:


  • stimulates the bloodflow in the pelvic area

  • relaxes the pelvic floor

  • prevents cramping

  • helps ease PMS

  • supports Endometriosis

  • helps regulate the cycle

  • fertility

  • prenatal care

  • postnatal care

  • helps with UTI's

  • infections


  • incrases energy flow in the pelvic area (which helps for the menstrual blood to flow in a balanced way)

  • strengthens the energetic center of women (uterus)

  • energetic care after abortions

  • energetic cleanse


  • regulates the nervous system

  • stimulates the vagus nerve

  • supports revocery from depression

  • eases anxiety

  • increases somatic connection ("embodyment")

  • increases libido


  • connects you with your feminine seat of wisdom

  • letting go of the old

  • helps cleansing the uterus from past lovers and trauma

  • supports phases of transition (first menstruation, motherhood, menopause, life changes, etc.)

Many cultures know about the incredible heath benefits of vaginal steaming. This technique has been almost forgotten in the western world, yet we still find it mentioned in old scriptures. Amongst others, Hildegard von Bingen talked about the beneficial effect on the overall health of a woman. We are now reviving this ancient and efficient modality in our quest for profound, holistic healthcare for women.

During a session (which either happens in a studio or in the comfort of your own home), you sit on a special chair with a hole in it, from which warm herb-infused steam is directed to your pelvic area. This process takes generally about 10-30 minutes, depending on your body’s constitution and cycle history. The herbs are being mixed in accordance with your intention. The herbal mixtures are individual and vary from client to client. The warm steam cleanses and soothes your whole pelvic area. Vaginal steaming provides benefits through natural herbs that soothe, balance, and nourish the reproductive system without disrupting the natural environment of the vagina and uterus. Yoni steaming can aid in maintaining reproductive health, increasing fertility, and balancing hormones, which can help to regulate periods and ease unpleasant symptoms of menstruation such as cramps, headaches, and vaginal discomfort.  It is also used for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


This technique is for women of all ages!

Disclaimer: Do NOT try this at home without proper instructions. Vaginal skin is delicate, sensitive, and easily traumatized - this process needs to be instructed by a certified therapist.

Common Questions

Where can I do it?

You can either do a Yoni Steaming session at home or in my studio. If you do it at home we will have a zoom call beforehand so I can assess your situation and recommend a matching herbal blend. If you live in Austria the herbal blend can be sent home to you. If you prefer to do it in person with me, then you don't have to care about anything, my studio has everything you need - a steam chair, cozy blankets, music, candles, and a massage table for relaxation afterward.

How long does it take?

The steaming itself takes around 10-30 Minutes, depending on your cycle and constitution. The whole session takes around 45-75 Minutes.