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Pain-Free Periods Masterclass
Upset Stomach
Image by Erol Ahmed

Join us for our Masterclass on Pain-Free Periods, where we discuss the most common reasons for period pains, what it means and what you can do about it.

Can you relate?

You are annoyed and frustrated with your cycle and health.

Your period problems just don't seem to make any sense to you.

You are overwhelmed with not knowing what to do about it.

It always seems to be either no information or too much information.

You feel helpless and lost.

You just want to have a pain-free, regular period!

Imagine you could have... instead


A clear understanding of what's going on inside your body

a Strategy

Useful approaches to how you can move forward and master your health.


A group of women who support, feel, see and care for you.

What you get

a 2hr life class in which we discuss:

the most common reasons for painful & disregulated periods

effective treatments for those reasons

what you can do by yourself, without too much effort

Q & A


Hear from other Women

"I am working with Vici for a year now and I love her approach, she really has deep knowledge in so many areas. No matter what your style is - she will have the right practice and support for you"

Jennifer M.

"After doing the Masterclass on pain-free periods I really have a better understanding of what's going in with my cycle and what I can do about it."

Claudia F.

"The class was really fun and interactive, plenty of room for us to ask personal questions. I think that's what makes it different!"

Sarah R.

"This should be part of basic helath education in school!!"

Birgit P.

Fern Plant
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