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1:1 Mentoring

Do you have a topic or issue in which you would like some guidance, support and insights? Would you like to reach the next level in your health and personal journey? Then this modality is just the thing for you.

Personal Support includes

Understand the Why

Many times, when a (health) challenge keeps persisting no matter what we do, there is an important message underneath it. Understand your bodies message and start moving foward.

Tools & Educational

We aim for a balance between practical approach and educational material. Oftentimes we focuse too much on one or the other. Understand your body better AND get the tools you need. Knowledge and practice are both needed for a holistic women's health.

Practice Schedule

Together we will develop a schedule with inividualized practices that work for you, your life and your body. We live in busy times and therefor it is important that your health journey fits into your schedule.

Lasting Change

Instead of treating the symptom, like so amny other approaches do, we will find the root cause and solve it from there. This is the main difference between a quick fix and a lasting change.

Variety of Approaches

There is no "one size fits all" solution in healthcare. The symptoms might be the same but the cause very different. Therefor you need many tools in your toolbox to see which one is the right fit for you. We will work with many different approaches, tailored to your individual needs.

Feeling Seen & Understood

You will have a space in which you are met with empathy and understanding. You, jour joruney and your concerns will be taken seriously. There are no taboos and you can talk about literally everything. You will be seen, heard, respected and cared for.

This is for you if...

... you are struggeling with health topics you just can't seem to find a solution for

... you want to know more about the WHY

... you want to reach the lext level in your personal journey

... you want more ease and grace in your life (& cycle)

... you want more empowerment

... you want to reclaim the authority over your own body

... you want to regain ancient women's wisdom

... you want to live as an authentic and souvereign being

This is NOT for you if...

... you want a quick fix

... you want a one-off session

... you don't want to take responsibility over your own health

... you want to stay stuck in old patterns and realities

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