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About Me
My Path...

How did I end up here? I often ask myself that. My journey to being an advocate for women’s health and women’s empowered living has been complex and with many trials. On the one hand, is my professional education and path - I come from a social science background with a university degree in Anthropology. Part of my studies was Medical Anthropology and Gender Studies, through which I got in contact with different cultural practices and ideas of health and healing.


On the other hand, is my personal experience - In my own health journey, I’ve faced many trials and learned from experience that it needs a holistic approach that supports body, mind and spirit. I’ve always been my own first client with new methods - I only teach what I wholeheartedly believe in and have seen results of.

Those two aspects, professional and personal, worked together in a beautifully unexpected dance to co-create what I do now.

Professional Qualifications

  • University Degree in Anthropology - Specialization in Gender Studies and Medical Anthropology, University of Vienna, Austria

  • Yoga & Psychotherapy Training, Thailand

  • Pelvic Massage Training, Australia

  • Hormonal Massage Therapist Training at "ManuSanum", Austria

  • Trauma First Aid with Dr. Peter Levine, Austria

  • Collective Trauma Prevention with Dr. Peter Levine, Austria

  • Somatic Psychology Application with Dr. Chris Walling, Austria

  • Yoni Steaming Therapist Training at "ManuSanum", Austria

  • Apprenticeship with a Medicine Woman (Traditional Tribal Wisdom and Vibrational Medicine), online and in Thailand - ongoing

  • Quantum Healing, Soul School Mentors, South Africa/online - ongoing

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching at "Authentic Living", ICF certified, online - ongoing


My approach is based on the trinity of teachers I have. Instead of just working with one aspect, I include modern scientific approaches, psychological insights and traditional practices. This way we reach a truly deep and lasting transformation.  I gather different modalities and adapt them for modern life, so everybody can benefit from them - all this is done in deep respect, with permission from & credit to the nations and cultures of origin.

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