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Hormone Balance

Holistic Women's Health

Hormonal Balance is a holistic approach to women's health. Creating balance in your whole being - physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual. We use different modalities - massage, steaming and process work to address your specific topic. Instead of just "fixing" you, you will get the knowledge and tools to really take charge of your own health and wellbeing.

Are you struggling with your period? Do you want to experience the ease of being a woman again?

Way too many women suffer from period cramps, cysts, Endometriosis, PMS, UTIs, infections, irregular cycles, menopause, etc. Sadly, it is accepted in our society that as women we just suffer from certain conditions. But this doesn't have to be. Period pain is NOT normal, even though we as a society tend to discount a woman's pain. In holistic health care, we listen to your body and take you seriously. We pair ancient knowledge with modern science - this shows us a way back into the well-being of womanhood.


Relaxing bodywork for hormonal balance. Developed by gynecologists and holistic health experts.

An ancient technique which balances your reproductive health with herb infused steam.

Personalized sessions in which we take a deeper look at the underlying reasons of your topics.

What is Hormone Balance?

Our Mission

Woman's Medicine

In a world where the medical system was designed by men, with the male body as the archetype, women's health is often overlooked or misunderstood. Modern techniques paired with ancient knowledge help us establish a new (yet traditional), more feminine way of healthcare. Every client is seen as a holistic, multilayered woman. All of her aspects, all of who she is, are welcomed and considered in the sessions. She is the expert, she has the authority over her own body.

With this approach to healthcare, we access the wisdom in our bodies and reconnect to woman's medicine - the way of the woman.

I am here to facilitate this connection and support you on your journey - in whichever way is best for YOU.


True holistic healthcare for women with Hormone Balance.

Hands on Stomach

Masterclass on the most common reasons and treatments of painful periods. Take charge of your own health!


Find Healing from Within.

Pressure Points & Zones

The ancient science of an interconnected human being. By working on specific organ zones and pressure points we can support the whole body. With drainage techniques, we work on the lymphatic system as well.

Vibrational Medicine

Everything is frequency, therefore working with vibrational medicine is our most effective tool. Vibrational healing is a broad term that encompasses many different techniques.

Process Work

With process work, we look at lifestyle, cognitive- and behavioral patterns as well as your belief systems in relation to your topic. You will be holistically supported through your individual process. Discover the "why" behind your topic.

Oils & Herbs

Special homemade oils and herbal mixtures are used during sessions. The herbs are picked and dried in a way that preserves the plant spirit (as well as the phytochemicals).

„Woman's Medicine is the soul of healing. The deep feminine that will heal you, and will in turn heal the world.“

Lucy H. Pearce

Upcoming Events



Ur-Frauen Trommeln

(mit Kakao)

In-person drumming workshop in Austria. Focusing on working with ritualistic women's drumming and Cacao.

A primal and deeply feminine experience.



Womb Meditation

An online journey into the depths of your womb, the seat of your power and feminine intuition. A journey into the nurturing void, grounded, real, authentic, ancient.


A deeply feminine, grounded and ancestral offering.

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